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Preserve Your Parental Rights – Contact Child Custody Attorneys in Newburgh, NY Today

Children grow up fast, and for those involved in a child custody case fighting for their rights to see their children, each day missed is a day they will never get back. Parents who are no longer together, (whether married at one time or not) should attempt to be, at the very least, civil to each other for the sake of their children. It’s important that children grow up with both parents involved in their lives, if possible. For those dealing with an ex that is acting unfairly with custody, hiring child custody attorneys in Newburgh, NY may be the way to ensure fair and equal time with the children.

Important for the Children

Bonding, from the early times all throughout high school years, is important for children to be able to form a healthy relationship with both parents. Children that have frequent parental involvement usually have less behavioral problems as they grow and do better academically in school. When one of the parents is acting unfairly in regard to custody or visitation, though it hurts the other parent, it is most damaging to the children.

Laws to Protect Parental Rights

Fortunately, there are laws to protect the parent in the case of an unreasonable ex. Unless there are extenuating circumstances with a parent, such as substance abuse or physical/mental abuse, both parents have the right to see and visit their children. Child custody cases can become intense very quickly, and unfortunately, one parent may attempt to use the children as a pawn to try to control the other parent. This is where child custody attorneys in Newburgh, NY can help. Visit the website to learn how the Law Offices of Okasi & Okasi can level the playing field and do what’s in the best interests of the children.

In today’s world, both parents are recognized as equal partners in raising a child. Don’t miss out on important milestones in the children’s lives because of an unreasonable ex who won’t play by the rules. Child custody laws are meant to protect the rights of both parents and to ensure the best for the children. Visit website for more information.

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