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No one wants to have to hire an attorney to help with their injury claim after an accident, but there is often no other choice. Even if a victim does not feel an attorney is needed, it is wise for victims to at least meet with the attorney and go over the details of the accident so they can receive sound advice and guidance. An attorney can help a victim throughout the process of pursuing their injury claim, whether it be with the insurance company or directly pursuing the other driver in court. With this information, victims will be able to be properly prepared for their appointment with the auto accident attorneys in Virginia Beach, VA.

This document checklist should help victims to be ready for their appointment with the attorney. It should include:

• An accident report from the police

• Copies of the written statements of all parties

• Copies of the auto insurance policy, including the declarations page and certificate of coverage

• Copies of medical insurance policies

• All letters of correspondence that were sent to the victim by the insurance company

• All medical bills

• Damage reports from auto body shops

• A list of all damaged property

• Receipts for medications and medical supplies

• Repair bills

• Lost wage documents.

Having these documents ready for the auto accident attorneys in Virginia Beach, VA will prevent wasted time at the initial meeting. Providing this information to the attorneys will allow them to ensure the victim has a viable injury claim that will hold up in court and one they believe they have a strong chance of winning.

Most injury attorneys do not charge for the initial meeting, so injured victims can get to know them and make a sound decision on whether or not they will hire them to pursue their injury claim. When a person hires an attorney, they rarely have to pay any upfront costs, even court costs.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, you have the right to hire legal counsel. If you would like to learn more about your rights and how an attorney can help, visit website.

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