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In Minnesota, guardianships are established to ensure the proper care of a ward of the state. Petitioners who seek a guardianship must meet specific guidelines as outlined in the law. The individuals must fulfill all obligations of the assignment according to current family laws. A Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN opens the door for individuals who want to become a legal guardian.

Who are Wards Under State Laws?

A ward of the state is an individual who is incapable of taking care of themselves due to age, mental incapacity, or a physical impairment. The individuals were either orphaned, given to an adoption agency, or were left behind by their family. A guardianship assignment is available for individuals who want to take on the responsibilities of the ward.

What Reasons are Guardianships Provided?

A guardianship is awarded due to a parent’s inability to take care of the child due to an addiction or impairment. The assignments are available through a will or request by a parent after their death. Any risks to a child or incapacitated adult could provide adequate grounds for seeking a guardianship assignment.

How are Guardians Appointed?

The court assigns a caseworker to make determinations about the petitioner. A home study is performed to determine if the prospective guardian has the means to support the ward and provide a home for them. The prospective guardian must have adequate space for the disabled or minor individual.

What are the Responsibilities of the Guardian?

The responsibilities include providing financial support for the individual and managing their medical needs. When it comes to a minor, the new guardian must ensure that the child attends school as required by law and keep a suitable home for the child. In terms of an adult, the guardian must manage the ward’s assets properly.

In Minnesota, guardianships provide an individual with the legal right to make decisions for a minor or incapacitated adult. The individuals must meet the requirements for guardianships covered under family law. When petitioning for a guardianship assignment, the individual must provide adequate reasoning for their request. Petitioners who want to start a case contact a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN or Browse the Site for more details.

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