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Managing Dog Attacks With Personal Injury Lawyers In Pittsburgh, PA

In Pennsylvania, dog attacks could lead to serious injuries or fatalities. The events are often the result of an owner’s failure to control the dog. Pet owners must follow local leash laws and lower the risk to the public. Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA assist victims who need to file a legal claim.

How Did the Victim Come in Contact with the Dog?

The answer determines if the victim has a viable claim or not. If the victim entered the exterior or interior of the property unlawfully, he or she is disqualified from receiving compensation. The victim must have permission to enter the premises or entered the property due to their job duties. Any unlawful entry is a crime, and the claim is dismissed.

Were the Injuries Serious?

If serious injuries occur, it is possible that the dog has rabies or aggressive temperament. The first step when the attack is investigated is to determine if the dog was vaccinated for rabies. If not, the dog must be evaluated by a licensed vet. The animal control officer orders the pet owner to surrender the dog to a vet for 12 days.

Did the Dog Have a Previous History of Attacks?

The animal control officer reviews all records related to the dog and determines if there is a previous history of attacks. If so, the pet owner is held at a strict liability for failing to prevent further attacks.

What Type of Compensation is Provided?

If the victim wins their legal claim, he or she receives compensation for all their medical expenses. If they were unable to work, replacement wages are included in the award. If the owner was held to strict liability, the pet owner must also pay any other tort-based compensation.

In Pennsylvania, dog attacks present victims with the option to file a legal claim. When serious injuries occur, the pet owner could face more extensive penalties for their failure to prevent the attack. The local animal control officer investigates the attack and determines if the dog is a risk to the public. Victims of the accidents can contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA at the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas today.

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