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How a Corporate Law Attorney in Storrs, CT Can Help Keep Your Business Out of Trouble

There are two professionals every business owner needs: an accountant and a lawyer. It’s fairly obvious why someone would hire an accountant, including remaining compliant with taxing authorities. A Corporate Law Attorney in Storrs CT who understands your business will help prevent legal problems. That’s far more useful and less expensive than waiting to talk to an attorney when you’re being sued.

Forming a New Business

An experienced business attorney is essential before the business is even established. Discussing the pros and cons of each business type with an expert before making the final decision is always a good idea.

Maintaining Corporate Status

Many entrepreneurs are so busy that they overlook the on-going legal requirement for maintaining their legal corporate status. Annual meetings must be held, even if only three people attend. Minutes of the meeting must be kept and officers elected in accordance with state requirements.

In a small corporation, this can seem like a waste of time, but it’s not. If there is a lawsuit, opposing attorneys will check to see if everything was done according to the applicable law. If not, this could result in “piercing the corporate veil.” Corporate officers could suddenly discover they are now exposed to personal liability and other legal difficulties.


Instead of using standard forms obtained online or at the business supply store, it’s far better to have your attorney prepare the standard form contracts needed in the course of business. It’s also essential to have your lawyer review any contract someone else wants you to sign.

Trademark and Copyright Protection

The theft of intellectual property and other intangible assets is a problem for every creative business owner. Ensuring that products and services are legally protected is a necessity.

Employment Agreements

Knowledgeable employees are some of the most important assets a business has. Many businesses, however, do not have non-disclosure or non-compete agreements in place. It’s inevitable that some of those employees will leave the business sooner or later. Protect your trade secrets from being given to competitors.

Each Corporate Law Attorney in Storrs CT at Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP advises clients on a wide range of legal issues. Make an experienced attorney part of your team. Visit the website to learn more or contact the office for an appointment.

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