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Filing For A Divorce With The Brabazon Law Office LLC

In Wisconsin, divorce petitioners follow basic guidelines when ending their marriages. The guidelines define divorce grounds, property division, and child custody assignments. The laws also determine which party is entitled to alimony. Brabazon Law Office LLC helps petitioners review the basics of divorce when starting a petition.

Restricted Divorce Grounds

The state prevents petitioners from choosing any fault-based divorce grounds. The only options are to file based on an irretrievable breakdown or the couple files together. The divorce laws allow divorce if both parties sign a sworn statement affirming the breakdown of the marriage. Otherwise, the couple must live apart for at least one year.

Property Division Requirements

The divorce laws require a 50/50 split of all marital assets. The laws also define what is classified as marital property as well. All gifts that weren’t provided by a spouse aren’t considered marital property. All inheritances including monetary assets, real property, or other valuables are separate assets. Any investments or trust funds created by any party other than a spouse are protected in the divorce proceedings.

What Factors Affect Child Custody?

The location of each parent’s employer, where they live, and plans for the next two years apply to the assignments. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the most stable living environment for the child. When possible, the court tries to keep the child in the same location to prevent major disruptions in their lives. However, each parent has the right to seek child custody. The state provides sole or joint custody.

Who is Entitled to Alimony?

Alimony is provided to a spouse to help them maintain the same lifestyle achieved during the marriage. The payments are provided on a temporary or permanent basis. The financial needs of the spouse define when alimony is awarded.

In Wisconsin, divorce petitioners review local laws when filing for a divorce. The laws require the couple to split their marital assets equally. All assets that aren’t classified as marital properties are protected by divorce laws. An attorney helps divorce petitioners start their case with a better understanding of their rights. Petitioners who need help contact Brabazon Law Office LLC or Visit the Website now.

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