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Dealing With the Denial of Workers Compensation Benefits in Ogden UT

Employees who are injured on the job and file for Workers Compensation Benefits in Ogden UT are understandably anxious about when they’ll start receiving payments. Since so many individuals live paycheck to paycheck, not receiving their regular wages can quickly become a true hardship. When a claim is denied, the situation now becomes scary. The worker may want to contact a law firm such as Davis & Sanchez for assistance. It’s possible that the form was filled out without all the necessary information or that there isn’t enough official documentation about the injury. Another possibility is that the insurer that provides these benefits has disputed the claim. In that case, legal representation can be essential for resolving the situation.

Lawyers who provide assistance with Workers Compensation Benefits in Ogden UT want to make sure that employee rights are protected. They understand that although the system is complex, it isn’t intended to cheat injured workers of their deserved compensation. Instead, it’s meant to identify the small percentage of employees who file fraudulent claims. Although this is relatively rare, it can still cost employers and insurers substantial amounts of money. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help someone when an authentic claim is denied and much-needed payments are delayed.

An insurer might dispute a claim for various reasons. For example, if there were not witnesses to the incident, the insurer and the employer both may feel skeptical. That’s especially true if this particular injury is extremely unlikely in this type of occupation or workplace. The employer also may have heard that the employee continues to engage in rigorous physical activity in his or her spare time, even while claiming to be unable to work. This may be false information, but the employee may need to counteract it effectively. As soon as the insurer is persuaded that the injury is real and did, in fact, occur on the job, all back workers compensation benefits are issued and further payments are made if the individual is still temporarily disabled. To learn more about a law firm that assists clients dealing with these matters, please visit the website .

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