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There are a number of benefits available to veterans. The problem is that not every veteran understands what’s available and how to go about claiming different benefits. Rather than trying to figure out things alone, it makes sense to talk with a veterans benefits lawyer Ohio and get the help you need. Here are three scenarios that call for support from a lawyer.

You’re Not Sure What Benefits You Can Receive

Exactly what sort of benefits do you qualify to receive? With so much conflicting information found online, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s inaccurate. The best way to determine what benefits you are eligible to receive is to meet with a veterans benefits lawyer Ohio. After you answer a few basic questions, your legal counsel can tell you exactly what type of support is available.

You Need to File a Claim But Feel Lost

Even if you know of a benefit that you should be receiving, figuring out how to file a claim can be confusing. Some of the questions are difficult to answer and you’re not completely sure how to obtain the documentation that must be submitted with the claim. A lawyer can help clear up the mystery and ensure that the claim and supporting documents are in order.

You’ve Filed a Claim and It Was Rejected

Perhaps you’ve already filed a claim and it was rejected. Don’t assume that’s the end of the matter. In many cases, a claim is rejected for some minor issue. With the help of a veterans benefits lawyer Ohio, it’s possible to review the claim, correct any issues, and submit it a second time. If necessary, the lawyer will present you at a review board and present your case in person.

Are you a veteran and need some help finding out what benefits you are eligible to receive? Perhaps you need help with pending claim. Whatever the case, the team at Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices can help. Call us today or visit Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices to arrange a consultation. We’ll fight to ensure that you receive all the benefits that you legally entitled to enjoy.

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