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Working With A Jacksonville, FL, Estate Planning Lawyer

Most adults are going to have a will, with this becoming more of a focus for people that are married or who have dependents or minor children. Hiring an estate planning lawyer in Jacksonville, FL to ensure your wishes will be carried out is an easy way to have the peace of mind of knowing you have planned for your family.

Anyone who has more than a very simple estate or who wants to create documents that include a power of attorney or a living will need to consider using an estate planning lawyer. There are options to do these types of documents online or through self-help guides, but there is always the risk these are inaccurate, or the documents are not completed correctly, which can have serious consequences in the future.

What Can They Do?

An estate planning attorney is not just for those individuals with substantial financial, business and property holdings. In fact, these attorneys will work with anyone to ensure they have a legal last will and testament, a durable power of attorney, a medical power of attorney or to set up trusts, annuities or other types of financial plans.

What to Bring

Talk to the estate planning lawyer to find out what he or she will require at your meeting. In general, if there is a current will, bring the original as well as any other financial documents and information as to your holdings or estate.

Know the names of the beneficiaries and what assets you wish to leave to given individuals. The attorney will advise you of any options you may have to address possible tax issues or specific terms you wish to include in the will.

Finally, the attorney will draft the will and all other documents. Law firms in Jacksonville, FL will then ensure all documents are legal, completed to your specifications and signed and notarized as required by the court.

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