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The choice to use a legal process outsourcing service, also known as an LPO, is a smart choice for small to large law firms. Small firms will often use these services for most cases where there is a need for contract extraction or document review services as part of the case.

Why Use an LPO?

Large firms will also benefit from the choice of a legal process outsourcing service, as internal resources can be stretched beyond capacity with significantly large cases or when a firm is handling multiple cases that require document review.

Additionally, for both small and large law firms, the use of a highly experienced and reputable LPO provides a level of efficiency in your organization that is not possible with an in-house document review. Your company’s assets, the attorneys who would be completing the tedious job of document reviews and contract extractions can be free to complete additional work on the case where their skills and expertise are put to better use.

When considering any legal process outsourcing service, always take the time to ask the following questions to see if the service you are considering can do everything you require.

What is the level of supervision and actual work completion?

The best legal process outsourcing services will have trained, experienced document reviewers that will review the information that is highlighted through the computer software the company uses.

In addition, there will be a legal expert in a supervisory role to address issues and to oversee the entire review process. Look for companies offering experienced US attorneys onsite with NLP and AI expertise as well as a history of document review management.

Ensure that the services offered by the legal process outsourcing service meet your needs. Companies offering this service should be able to effectively communicate what their service can do and what, if anything, such companies may not be able to provide based on your needs.

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