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5 Important Tips From a Criminal Defense Attorney

When a person is facing criminal charges and a trial, they may not have much experience with the legal process. For first offenders, it is important to have a Criminal Defense attorney’s advice. The team at will prepare clients for trial and guide them through the legal system. Below are several tips to help defendants get ready for trial.

Hire Legal Counsel ASAP

Defendants should hire an attorney who knows the courts in the area where the trial will take place. The lawyer will handle most of the preparation and planning for the defense, but it is up to the client to be honest and follow the lawyer’s advice.

Don’t Discuss the Case

Avoid discussing the case with anyone-;even relatives. Do not mention the authorities or the case on social media, as statements can be used against a defendant in court. In most cases, the defendant should consider deactivating their social media accounts temporarily.

Act Like a Model Citizen

Clients should obey court orders and be on their best behaviors, particularly in public. After all, it makes no sense to invite any trouble before trial.

Dress Professionally

Clients should look tidy and clean during court appearances and wear office attire if possible. However, it could work to a client’s disadvantage to wearing stiff, formal clothing that makes them uncomfortable. Cover tattoos and remove piercings, as they can prejudice some jurors.

Work on Courtroom Demeanor

A Criminal Defense lawyer will help his or her client decide whether to testify at trial. If the defendant testifies, the lawyer will coach them on how to act during their time on the witness stand. Clients should follow their lawyer’s advice regarding courtroom behavior whether or not they testify.

The best tip for anyone facing a criminal case is to listen to an attorney. While the judge and jury play important roles in the legal process, a lawyer’s advice, when followed, may be able to help some clients get charges reduced or dropped. By listening to an attorney, a defendant can increase his or her chances of a favorable outcome at trial.

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