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Why Following the Advice of a DUI Lawyer in Cambridge, MD Matters

What appeared to be a routine traffic stop led to an arrest for driving under the influence. With the court date set, now the focus is on preparing a defense. The best way to go about that process is to engage the services of a DUI lawyer in Cambridge, MD. Once the lawyer has agreed to take the case, the best thing the client can do is choose to follow the advice of the legal counsel to the letter. Here are some of the things the lawyer is likely to recommend.

Avoid Discussing the Case with Other Parties

There’s nothing to be gained by talking about the case with other people. A more likely scenario is that they will offer comments and advice that are not really grounded in current laws. There’s also the chance they will repeat some random remark in a way that ultimately damages relationships. If anyone does ask about the impending court date, it’s fine to acknowledge the case, but refuse to discuss it. Anyone who asks why can be informed that until the matter is settled, it’s best to leave it in the hands of the legal counsel.

Understanding What the Lawyer Brings to the Table

The whole point of hiring a DUI lawyer in Cambridge, MD is to obtain counsel that knows the laws and precedents directly related to the chain of events leading up to the arrest. From the actions of the arresting officer to the way the client behaved during the arrest, the lawyer will be able to tell if the rights of the client were breached at any time. They also know how to introduce evidence about the client that may give the judge grounds to rule with some degree of leniency. Given what the lawyer brings to the table, why would a client want to do anything other than what the legal counsel recommends?

If a recent arrest for driving under the influence has taken place, there’s no time to waste. Contact Ocean City Lawyer and arrange for a consultation. Bring along any information relevant to the arrest and what happened afterward. With legal counsel on board, the client can rest assured that the matter will be addressed in full compliance with local laws.

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