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When To Call An Accident Attorney In Glen Burnie

It is not always necessary, or even advisable, to contact an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie after a car accident. Minor fender benders that don’t result in injury or major damage are simple and straightforward, requiring nothing more than a call to the insurance company. However, there are some situations when it is crucial to get advice and representation from a lawyer.

It is essential to contact an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie when a car accident results in death or serious injury that requires hospitalization or ongoing medical care. A serious injury will likely incur a loss of wages if the injured person is not able to return to work once his or her available sick leave has been used up. An attorney can represent the injured person against the big insurance companies that may attempt to deny a claim.

It is also important to call an attorney after an accident when the fault is in dispute. The fault may be unclear when multiple parties are involved in the accident or when witness statements are not in agreement. A police report may not accurately represent the facts of an accident, and an insurance company may find grounds for denying a claim against their policyholder. In these circumstances, an attorney can help provide evidence of fault that will support an injured person’s claim.

Another reason to contact an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie is that he or she can negotiate effectively with an insurance company. Insurance companies can find seemingly convincing reasons not to pay a claim. They may say that the injured person was at fault in the accident or that the policyholder failed to pay a premium. Insurance companies have their own team of lawyers, so it is not a good idea to go against them without representation.

Most attorneys provide a free consultation, and many works on a contingency basis, requiring no upfront payments from their clients. Many accident attorneys will also meet with their clients in the hospital or at home as needed. For more information about how an accident attorney can assist you, visit Jaklitsch Law Group.

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