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When a person passes away, their assets, typically called their estate, will usually have to go through the probate process in the state the deceased passed away in or where their estate exists. However, there are many facets of the probate process, and one point of contention is the matter of hiring a probate attorney in Lubbock, TX.

The Estate Executor

After a person dies, if they have made prior arrangements, they will likely have named an executor of their estate. This could be a friend or a business partner, but in many cases, it’s a spouse, a sibling, or even a child of legal age. If a person’s financial details are complicated, this will make the probate process difficult for a layman, and it is usually a good idea to hire a lawyer to help the executor through the probate process.

Bypassing Probate

There are times where a person has set up a trust, and there are other times where a person has transferred their assets to another before their death. In these cases, a person’s estate can bypass the probate process. In addition, the probate process can be minimized if a person has much of their liquid assets tied up in life insurance policies or their assets are in joint tendencies. These assets are exempt from the probate process.

Simple Probate

Another option for a quick resolution to probate is applying for a small probate procedure. Whether the estate is small or large, if the inner workings of the estate are minimal, a state will often grant a simple probate request. This makes the probate process little more than providing a sworn affidavit from the person holding the estate asset or assets to the courts.

Unless an estate can forgo the probate process through prior arrangements, or because the estate is too small, it will be best for an estate executor to at least speak with a probate attorney in Lubbock, TX. You may only have to consult with a probate attorney, or, in some situations, you may have to retain one to help you through the probate process. In either case, the attorneys at Kyra K. Blankenship, Attorney may be of assistance.

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