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What to Expect from Divorce Mediation Dispute Resolution in Miami, Fl

Couples searching for alternatives to going to court to solve issues relating to their divorce turn to mediation dispute resolution in Miami, FL. Mediation services help couples avoid emotional and financial stress that has been associated with divorce proceedings. Couples interested in mediation should continue to read this short article to learn more about what to expect from mediation.

The Mediator’s Role

The role of the mediator is to be a neutral party whose sole purpose is to help the two parties come to a resolution that is beneficial to all. Although mediators might be lawyers, they’re not acting as legal counsel and don’t provide legal advice. Not all mediators are lawyers.

What Takes Place During a Mediation Session?

Mediation sessions take place in informal locations that are safe and convenient for both parties. During the mediation sessions, only the mediator and the divorcing couple are present. One can expect all conversations part of the mediation session to remain confidential. There are very few exceptions to this confidentiality. However, if a threat of violence is made, the mediator can break confidentiality and report the incident to law enforcement.

During the session, the mediator discusses key issues causing tension between the couple. The mediator helps their clients see what’s in the best interest of all parties involved, including children, if applicable. Once an agreement has been reached, it must be put in writing and submitted to the court for approval.

For more information about mediation, contact local services that offer mediation dispute resolution in Miami, FL.

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