Ways a Child Custody Lawyer in Auburn, Indiana Could Help Divorcing Parents

by | May 30, 2016 | Attorneys

Custody is a matter that parents can start to resolve as soon as they separate with the intention of getting divorced. It’s important to address this early so children have a sense of stability while their parents sort out their differences. In most cases, the children live primarily with the parent who was their primary caretaker. This might be the parent who got the children ready for school in the morning, attended parent-teacher conferences, and drove them to all of their extracurricular activities.

In today’s world, gender-specific parenting roles don’t exist like they did in the past. Now, it is just as likely for a father to get primary custody of the minor children as it is for mothers. When a couple can’t agree on where the children should live and go to school, a child custody lawyer in Auburn Indiana may be able to help. By explaining a parent’s rights to them and telling them the proper steps to take to prove to the court they are the ideal custodial parent, a lawyer might help a parent get sole or at least joint custody of their minor children.

Child support is another aspect of custody that should be addressed early in the divorce process. When children live with both parents, they get the emotional as well as financial benefit of living in a two-parent household. However, when the parents separate, so does a large portion of their financial security. Child support is designed to level the playing field for the children of divorcing parents. This financial support enables kids to live in the same or a similar home and take part in their normal activities even when their parents don’t live together. The state has a formula used to determine child support, but a judge may deviate from the formula in cases where the children require additional money to provide for their education or medical needs.

A parent who is getting divorced but has children they need to take care of should contact a child custody lawyer in Auburn Indiana as soon as possible. The site Website is a great place to start and will help a parent make an appointment with an attorney who has the experience to help this in this unfortunate situation.

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