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Understanding the Details of Claims Filed by a Wrongful Death Attorney in Bellingham WA

Losing a loved one suddenly because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness is one of the worst things that can happen to a family. A Wrongful Death Attorney in Bellingham WA provides legal representation for these clients to make sure they receive the financial compensation they deserve.

Investigating the Incident

In some instances, the family has not yet even received full information about what happened. Even though they know the details may be upsetting, they are troubled about their lack of knowledge. A Wrongful Death Attorney in Bellingham WA can launch the organization’s own investigation and gather answers.

Financial Compensation

Money cannot bring back the loved one or ease the family’s grief. However, it will pay the bills related to the incident and cover other expenses. The compensation should cover outstanding medical bills and funeral expenses. If the deceased person had been contributing to the household income, those lost future wages should be covered in the settlement or court award. The lawyer may demand compensation for aspects such as the family’s emotional trauma, loss of spousal consortium and loss of parental guidance for minor children.

Time Frame

Most wrongful death cases are settled outside of court, although lawyers will begin to prepare for trial if the responsible party’s insurance company is uncooperative. Because the cases can be complicated and the insurer knows that a large amount of money will be expected, the case may continue for a lengthy time frame. Although this can be very stressful on the family, it is in their best interests not to accept a low settlement just to get the matter done with.

Relevant Laws

Each state has laws regarding who is allowed to file a wrongful death claim. A lawyer with an organization such as Allen Law Firm can answer a family’s questions about this and any other factors related to this terrible situation. Washington State is relatively liberal on this matter. The claim may be filed on behalf of the spouse, domestic partner, child or stepchildren. If the person did not have any of these relatives, a claim may be filed by parents, brothers or sisters, but there are restrictions a lawyer can explain. Find us on Facebook!

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