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Being involved in an auto accident can have a devastating impact in one’s life, such as an inability to work and perform numerous daily activities. These undesirable consequences can seriously affect a car accident victim’s personal, professional, and social lives. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s advisable to consult an auto accident lawyer in Clarks Summit, PA. These tips can help a potential client in preparing for an initial visit.

Before the first visit to an auto accident lawyer in Clarks Summit, PA, ensure that all client intake forms are completely filled out. Don’t want until the last minute to finish these papers. It’s preferable to return the completed forms to the lawyer at least a few days before the initial visit. This will give the lawyer a chance to review them and the office personnel time to enter your information into the business computer. Make sure your writing is legible so the lawyer and their staff won’t have to struggle to understand what reads on the forms.

It’s extremely important to be ready to tell your side of the situation. Write down the sequence of events on a piece of paper. Be as accurate and detailed as possible. Don’t leave out information because you don’t think it’s relevant. Let the attorney decide what is applicable to your cae. Also, bring all evidence relating to the accident to the lawyer’s office, including pictures, videos, and police records. Bring receipts for medicines taken for injuries caused by the auto wreck. It’s advisable to let the lawyer look at any hospital records and doctor records that pertain to the accident.

While most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, some may not. Find out ahead of time whether a fee will be charged for the initial visit. It’s helpful to have another person accompany you to the first visit. A trusted family member or friend can write down information and help you remember questions you want to ask. By using these tips, a person can have a better chance of being accepted as a client by an attorney such as John T. O’Malley, Attorney at Law. The right attorney can help a client recover losses from being in a car accident and have a brighter future.

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