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Tips That May Help Your Disability Claim Get Early Approval

You would think that after working for years and paying into FICA that getting what you believe to be your rightful benefits would be quick and easy. Unfortunately, for those that are physically or mentally disabled, this is little other than a dream. The Social Security Administration is a typical federal government agency, they are burdened with complex rules and laws that they must abide by and one little error can result in denial of benefits.

The majority of disability claims are denied at the initial claim level. It often takes several appeals before approval is finally given, however, with the help of a Social Security attorney in Kansas City you can improve your chances of early approval considerably.

There are several things that both you and attorney can do:

  • Details are important: The Administration cannot approve your claim if they do not have a very detailed account of your disability and how it impacts your ability to earn a living. A seasoned Social Security attorney in Kansas City knows what the SSA expects and can help you prepare accordingly.
  • Medical records: Your attorney can review your medical records, he or she can point out where necessary information is missing and can arrange to get it. Complete medical records are one of the keys to being granted benefits.
  • Follow instructions: As your case progresses the SSA may ask for additional records or they may ask you to see a doctor which is under contract to the SSA. Whatever it is they want, give it to them and do it in a timely manner. If you fail to respond to the SSA request you can expect your claim to be denied.

Even if your initial claim is denied, do not despair. Your Social Security attorney in Kansas City can appeal the decision at many levels. Having an experienced attorney will improve your chances of winning your appeal.

By hiring an experienced Social Security attorney in Kansas City and then following instructions, your chances of winning your claim for disability benefits are considerably enhanced. You are invited to discuss your disability claim with Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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