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Things to Do and Not Do When Hiring a DWI Lawyer in Nassau County, NY

Browse the internet and you will find there are quite a few attorneys in Nassau County, NY that handle driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired cases. This does not mean they are all the same. Individuals accused of this crime need to take time to learn more about attorneys to find the one that is best for their needs. A DWI Lawyer in Nassau County NY who handled a friend’s case may not be the right person for you. Following are some things to keep in mind when making this decision.

Things to Do

Do learn more about the attorney’s experience. Does he or she handle cases of this type on a regular basis? If not, continue looking. Learn how many people are employed by the firm and who will be the point of contact within the office. If something arises during the case, the defendant needs to know who to contact for help. In the event the attorney claims to be an expert or a leading attorney when it comes to DWI cases, ask them to back up the claim. Don’t simply take their word for it.

Things to Not Do

Don’t make the choice of attorney based solely on price. Although the highest priced attorney may not be the best and the person with the lowest price may not be the worst, numerous other factors should also be considered. Be sure to discuss fees up front and review any contract carefully to ensure there are no surprises as the case progresses. Furthermore, don’t speak to only one or two attorneys. Meet with a minimum of three lawyers to find the one best suited for your case.

Browse the website of The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III to learn more about choosing a DWI Lawyer in Nassau County, NY. States look very unfavorably on individuals who drive while impaired and thus the consequences are severe. With the help of an attorney, the accused may find he or she can have the charges reduced or dropped completely. Don’t try to save money by fighting this charge on your own. You may find you are paying for it for an extended period of time if you do.

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