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Steps Required By Bail Bonding Companies In Atlanta

In Georgia, criminal defendants who are eligible for bail can acquire a release through a bail bond. The bail bond allows them to remain free until their court date. However, they must follow all provisions issues with their release. The following are the steps required by Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta.

Acquire Details About the Defendant

The representative acting on behalf of the defendant must acquire details about the criminal defendant for the bondsman. They need the defendant’s booking number, full name, date of birth, and the name of the facility in which they are held. Once they acquire this information, the bondsman can approach the court clerk to acquire information about their exact charge and the bail value.

Paying for the Bail Bond

The representative pays a bail bondsman for the bail bond. They must submit between ten and fourteen percent of the bail value assigned by the judge. The bondsman calculates the exact value based on information acquired from the court. The representative can submit this payment via cash, credit card, or check. They must provide this full payment before the bond is available for processing.

Alternative Opportunities for Securing the Bond

If the representative cannot pay for the bond directly, they have the option to use collateral to secure it. They can use real estate deeds, automobile titles, and high-valued jewelry or antiques as collateral. If they use jewelry or antiques, they must present an appraisal to the bondsman.

The Provisions of Their Release

Typically, the provisions of the defendant’s release start with remaining inside the state until their scheduled court date. They cannot drink alcohol or use any controlled substances. They must avoid breaking any further laws and incurring additional criminal charges. If they fail to follow these provisions, their bail is revoked.

In Georgia, criminal defendants must follow proper procedures when attempting to gain release from jail. They must attend their arraignment to determine if bail is available to them. Once they are assigned a bail value, they can contact a bondsman to acquire their release. Defendants that need help through Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta can visit the website for more information today.

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