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In Washington, individuals with disabilities can file a social security disability claim to acquire benefits. The claims are processed through the Disability Determination Services. This agency determines if the claimant qualifies based on the evidence they present. A disability attorney in Olympia, WA helps the claimant after they are denied these benefits.

Trace the Steps of the Disability Claim Process

The attorney traces the steps of the disability claim process to determine if proper protocol was followed. Initially, all claims are received by the Social Security Administration. The agency determines if the claimant’s condition qualifies them for disability benefits. If they qualify in this initial stage, the claim is sent to the Disability Determination Services for a further assessment. They make the final decision about these claims, and the attorney reviews the reason provided for a denial.

Identify Any Mistakes

The attorney reviews these claims for common mistakes associated with a lack of credible evidence. The claim must contain all records associated with the identified condition. The records must begin on the date in which the claimant received their initial diagnosis. They must include all treatment provided even if different doctors provided care. Any record that wasn’t included presents inconsistencies, which at the same time present a loophole in which these agencies can deny the claim.

Present a More Thorough Claim

A more thorough claim provides a more solid claim for the disabled individual. It prevents these agencies from denying the claim a second time. In Washington, claimants are less likely to gain an approval for their first claim. For this reason, they need to file an appeal after they are denied these benefits.

Start an Appeal for the Claimant

The attorney files a motion for an appeal after the denial. The process consists of a hearing where a judge reviews the case and makes the final decision based on the information provided.

In Washington, individuals who are disabled may qualify for social security disability benefits. These benefits are provided when claimants cannot work in any industry due to their condition. Individuals who were denied benefits should contact a disability attorney in Olympia, WA or Visit us for more information today.

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