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Reviewing the Laws with a Dog Bite Attorney in Bronx, NY

In New York, pet owners are required by law to reduce the probability of a dog attack. The law requires them to take precautions to prevent access to neighbors and visitors. This includes leash laws and fencing requirements that prevent probable attacks. A dog bite attorney in Bronx, NY represents victims who are injured by local dogs.

Reviewing Strict Liabilities

Under New York state laws a strict liability is used when the identified dog was involved in previous attacks. When the attack is reported, animal control officers conduct a search for these purposes. If a previous attack exists, the pet owner must comply with a strict liability ruling, which requires the pet owner to pay all medical costs for the victim. It also requires them to pay an award for pain and suffering as well.

What Are the Quarantine Requirements?

After a dog attack is reported to a doctor, animal control is contacted. The animal control officer sends a notification to the pet owner in the mail. This notification identifies the need for quarantine for the animal with a licensed vet, whose assessment determines if the dog exhibits any sign of rabies or aggressive behavior. Any dog that is suspected of having rabies is euthanized by the vet. Any aggressive behaviors are reported back to the animal control officer for further review.

Acquiring Medical Evidence of the Attack

The victim of the attack must provide medical evidence for their case, including all medical records for their treatment following the attack. These records indicate the severity level of their injuries and how they have affected the victim. A full cost estimate for these treatments must be included in the report.

Was the Victim on the Property Lawfully

Any victim that was trespassing cannot acquire an award because it is an unlawful action. Equally, if it is proven that they provoked or abused the animal prior to the attack, they lose all rights to an award as well.

In New York, pet owners must maintain control over their dogs. This includes following all applicable animal safety requirements to reduce the probability of injuries. Victims who need assistance from a dog bite attorney in Bronx, NY should contact Law Office of Ada R. Pretto, P.L.L.C. to schedule an appointment.

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