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Questions to Ask a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA

A motorcycle accident may happen at any time, and many have catastrophic results. If a person is hurt in a motorcycle crash, their next step should be to consult an accident attorney in Norfolk, VA who handles motorcycle accident cases. In this guide, potential clients will learn which questions to ask when choosing an attorney.

Is the Initial Consultation Free?

One of the first things to find out when searching for an accident lawyer is whether the firm offers a no-cost initial consultation. During such a meeting, the client explains the case’s circumstances to the lawyer who, in turn, explains the client’s rights and recommends a plan of action. Legal fees are often high, and people should hire an attorney at no cost before making a sizable financial commitment.

Is the Attorney an Experienced Rider?

Victims may want to ask an attorney whether they have any motorcycle riding experience. Motorcyclists make up a small portion of the population, and an attorney who has riding experience will be able to see cases from a personal perspective.

What Are the Lawyer’s Goals for the Case?

Another important question to ask when interviewing an accident attorney in Norfolk, VA is what their work plan would be if hired. Many lawyers strive to reduce clients’ medical bills to keep them out of debt, and all attorneys should work with the defendant’s insurer to help clients obtain the compensation they deserve.

What Level of Compensation Is to Be Expected?

While discussing case goals, clients should ask how much compensation they expect to receive. An accident lawyer should be aggressive in seeking compensation for past, present and future medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Does the Firm Work on a Contingency Fee Basis?

Finally, the victim should ask the lawyer if they accept contingency cases. Some firms require payment regardless of the case’s outcome, and this can be a significant risk for a client who’s out of work because of an injury. In a contingency fee case, the client pays nothing to the lawyer unless they receive an award. This way, the attorney has more motivation to win a case because they’re only paid for successful outcomes.

Asking the right questions will help a victim get the help they need. Keep these questions in mind when interviewing and choosing an accident lawyer, and visit website to learn more about the firm.

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