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In New York, workers are afforded with monetary benefits and medical coverage when they sustain injuries. These injuries must occur while they are performing their work duties or inside the property. Workers must also follow all safety policies issued by their employer. The following are questions that can be answered by a workers’ compensation lawyer in Queens County, NY.

Who Is Responsible for Filing the Claim?

The human resources department of the company is responsible for managing all claims. They must ensure that the claims are filed according to their insurer’s requirements. This includes managing all medical reports provided by doctors and additional requirements for each individual worker who was injured.

What Are the Deadlines for These Claims?

The employee has a period of thirty days to report the injuries to their employer. If they don’t report the injury, they cannot file a claim after this duration. Additionally, the doctor has a deadline of ten days for reporting their findings to the company or their insurer. If the worker files a legal claim, the statute of limitation of three years applies.

Can the Worker Visit Their Own Doctor?

Yes, the worker can visit any doctor they prefer. However, if they choose their own doctor, they will have to get their doctor to file an invoice with the employer to acquire payment. The doctor will be subject to the same requirements as a worker’s compensation doctor.

What Benefits Could They Receive?

The workers receive full payment of all treatment required for their medical treatment. If they have an extensive recovery time, they can acquire monetary benefits through their insurance policy purchased by their employers. These benefits are based on sixty percent of their wages and start the week following their diagnosis.

In New York, all workers may acquire worker’s compensation for their work-related injuries. However, they must adhere to all safety policies issued by their employer. If they have alcohol or controlled substances in their body, they forfeit all rights to these benefits. Victims of work-related injuries contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Queens County, NY through the law office of Steven R. Smith or browse his website for further details.

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