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Being a parent is always a tough job, but it becomes even more so when a parent is doing it on their own. Even though money is never a replacement for a parent being present in the life of a child, it is a necessity to help them to be properly cared for. There is no reason for anyone not to seek Child Support in Suffolk County NY. It is a legal responsibility of the non-custodial parent and should be something that they want to contribute.

Too often custodial parents refuse to insist on support. Some are tired of fighting with their ex-partner, while others may be genuinely afraid of this person. Unfortunately, the risks associated with not having support are so severe, the parent must be adamant about doing what is necessary to protect their family. Studies have shown a clear connection between the lack of support and children living in poverty.

It is important for parents to understand the real nature of poverty. This is not just about not having money to buy enough Christmas presents. Single parent families without support are statistically more likely to have children who miss meals every day, often going without eating for a day or two each week. They are more likely to be homeless and have lower grades in school. Children raised in these environments are less likely to attend college and face a greater chance of being incarcerated at some point in their life.

No one is saying that a single mother or father who chooses to go out on their own and not ask for support is doomed to this fate. Some are able to earn enough to pay for all of their needs on their own, and prefer to make their way without the help of the other parent. For those that cannot do it alone, the first step is to get a court order requiring the other parent to pay their fair share. An attorney like Patricia Issberner can help to achieve that step, and advise on what to do next, if the parent refuses to pay. Help with Child Support in Suffolk County NY is available, and custodial parents have the right to request that help.

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