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Partners Ending Their Relationship May Set Up a Parenting Agreement with a Family Law Attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO

When unmarried domestic partners break up after several years together, they do not have the legal protections that a divorce provides. However, they still can draw up a parenting agreement if they have children together. They can have a family law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO review the agreement and document it with the court.

The Children’s Well-Being

There are many ways to build this type of agreement, but the parents must put the children’s well-being above all other concerns. Family courts want both parents fully involved in the children’s lives, even if they cannot share physical custody equally. Liberal visitation should be arranged for the parent who does not have primary physical custody. The two adults should at least be civil with each other, even if they have trouble actually being friendly at this point.

Crafting an Agreement

If the parents are having trouble coming to an agreement, they may want to ask a family law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO who they could consult for assistance. Family counselors, including psychologists and social workers, are possibilities. The lawyer may be able to set up collaborative sessions during which the two try to work out their disagreements and come to a compromise. They do so in a neutral setting where they are better able to reach a more objective state of mind.

Documenting the Arrangement

Filing the agreement with the court through an organization like Dana Outlaw Law Office is essential for protecting each parent’s rights. In the future, if one of them wants to change the agreement, they must petition the court for a modification. Legally, one cannot simply override the original agreement. The two may believe this would never happen, but life changes do occur.

The custodial parent might decide to marry someone who lives in another state, for example. This person cannot simply end the visitation schedule if a legal document is in place. Doing so violates a court order.

This aspect of ending a domestic partnership may be the most important of all. It’s important that the children continue to feel loved and secure, even when their parents have split up.

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