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Let Drunk Driving Lawyers in Beaver Dam WI Handle Your DUI Case

Some people who are pulled over for a DUI believe their arrest is unlawful and they did not deserve a DUI charge because they only had a drink or two. They might not realize just how little it takes for them to be over the legal limit for the state of New York. However, in these cases, many people will try to argue with the arresting officer at the scene. This can only make everything worse. Instead, they’ll want to wait and talk to one of the drunk driving lawyers in Beaver Dam WI after their arrest.

No one wants to be arrested when they don’t feel like they deserve it, but arguing with the arresting officer is not going to help at all. The person might end up with a resisting arrest charge on top of their DUI charge. A lawyer can try to help them minimize their impact from both of these charges, but it’s harder to do that compared to just trying to handle a single charge.

Another way people try to avoid an arrest is by refusing to take the blood alcohol level test. New York is an implied consent state, which means a person agrees to take the breathalyzer if asked simply by obtaining their driver’s license. If they are stopped and refuse the test, their license may be revoked for at least one year and they will need to pay a $500 fine. They will also need to participate in the Driver Responsibility Program by paying $250 per year for three years. This is separate from the DUI case and will be necessary even if the DUI charges are later dropped.

A person who is stopped under suspicion of a DUI will want to know their rights and will want to make sure they do as much as possible to get the arrest over with so they can then contact a lawyer for help. drunk driving lawyers in Beaver Dam WI do not recommend trying to argue with the arresting officer as this can mean they have additional charges. They may also want to go ahead and take the blood alcohol level test to avoid further penalties and let their lawyer handle the evidence after the arrest. To learn more, check out website.

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