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It Is Wise To Have An Attorney During A Disability Hearing

You may have been working for years and contributing every month to FICA, but in the event you have to claim disability benefits, don’t think for a minute that approval is automatic; it isn’t. Like all areas of law, The Social Security Act is extremely complex; as a result it is advisable that in the event you are going to make a claim you hire Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri for your hearing.

The hearing is far less formal that you would find in a court of law but you still must present a compelling and well thought out case that is backed up with tangible evidence of your disability. Having a seasoned attorney at this time is important for many reasons, including:

Questioning the medical expert:

Lawyers know what to expect during a hearing in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. In many cases the SSA will introduce a medical expert to ask pertinent questions that the judge cannot ask.

The medical expert will have had the opportunity to review the medical evidence that your lawyer submitted. The medical expert’s task is to determine whether you meet the criteria as specified in the “Blue Book” which is a definitive listing of impairments that are covered under the law.

Your attorney can challenge the medical expert, suggesting that insufficient weight was given to the opinion of your doctor or that all the evidence has been given due consideration.

Questioning the vocational expert:

A vocational expert is often asked to render an opinion as to whether you can perform the work you did in the past or if there is alternative work you can do. Your lawyer will question the vocational expert to ensure that all your physical or mental limitations have been considered.

Arguing against the testimonies that are given by experts from the SSA can be crucial to your claim for disability; they are areas that should be left to your expert attorneys.

An applicant for disability benefits should never go into a hearing without Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri by his or her side. If you are contemplating claiming disability benefits you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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