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How To Obtain a California Cannabis License in 2021

In 2021, the Cannabis Industry in California has grown to have a multitude of people expressing curiosity towards the cannabis movement. However, participants in this type of field are aware of the fact that this industry is very strictly regulated. Therefore, it is very beneficial for individuals to gain knowledge if they are looking to become a licensed owner.

How is a California Cannabis License Obtained?

The State of California provides the license to applicants who have proof of local approval. This means that to get a licensed one would have to find a city or county that has approved the cannabis activity within that region. For example, Los Angeles County does not approve of cannabis activity in incorporated areas, but Los Angeles, the city, approves of commercial activity within the state. After this is done, then applicants can apply for approval within that city and the state.

What Types of Licenses are Available in California?

There are many licenses that applicants can apply for. One type of California cannabis license is a Retailer (storefront), or a type 10 license. This license is for individuals who would like to operate a brick and mortar dispensary. However, this license is the rarest of them all because most jurisdictions ban them from their areas. Another traditional license is a Retailer (non-storefront), or a type 9 license. This license is for individuals who prefer to sell cannabis products online through websites or mobile apps.

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