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How to Find the Top Domestic Violence Lawyers in Menifee

Domestic violence is a very serious crime. If one is victim of domestic violence, they may need an attorney’s help to ensure they are safe and their attacker is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If one has been charged with domestic violence, a criminal defense lawyer can help them to understand their legal options and defend them in court. Whether a victim or a defendant, they need to look into domestic violence lawyers in Menifee.

The Law Office of Michelle Penna has over twenty years of experience representing clients as a divorce attorney and family lawyer and has put that experience to work for clients. For those in need of legal representation, whether for a domestic violence case, a divorce, child support issues, or other family legal matters, click here to get more information.

Domestic violence doesn’t always involve a husband striking their wife or a wife striking her husband. Domestic violence may entail many different situations. These may include receiving threats from an individual living under the same roof, or one individual continually harassing another they are involved with in a close or intimate relationship. It may also include being stalked by a spouse, a boyfriend, or girlfriend, and also it may involve experiencing physical violence at the hands of anybody one may be especially close to. These instances can be complex and tricky for law enforcement to deal with, and sadly, sometimes the police aren’t always able to arrest the right person.

Spousal abuse can happen in many forms, but it is legally defined as the intentional or reckless infliction of physical or emotional injury on a spouse. The charges and penalties for spousal abuse can be dependent on whether these acts result in serious bodily harm, have been continual, or if the accused has a history of abusive behavior. Domestic violence can be very similar to spousal abuse, but it entails additional types of relationships. These can include same-sex marriages, or people involved recognized civil unions. Any of these incidents are enough for an involved party to seek representation from domestic violence lawyers in Menifee.

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