How to Choose a Family Court Attorney in Suffolk County, NY

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Family Law Attorney

Hiring a Family Court Attorney in Suffolk County, NY is a very important decision. Most people only need an attorney a limited number of times during their lives for a legal issue that really matters to them. However, choosing the right attorney can be confusing.

Is a Large or Small Law Firm Better?

That depends. One is not “better” than the other. It depends on the client’s needs.

Large law firms have greater resources and tend to represent large corporations, organizations or individuals with complicated legal issues that involve a number of legal areas. Of course, the large staff and impressive offices can carry a hefty price tag.

Smaller law firms tend to handle cases that the large firms either don’t have time for or would pass to the younger, less experienced attorneys. Clients at small law firms benefit from the services of a very experienced attorney and generally pay a lower price for legal representation.

What is the Lawyer’s Experience with Similar Cases?

This is tremendously important. A lawyer who focuses on family law and criminal defense will have extensive experience with divorce, custody or DUI cases, for example, but would probably have little or no experience with maritime or entertainment law. Search for an attorney who devotes a substantial portion of his practice to cases like yours.

Who Will be Handling Your Case?

Will the attorney you initially speak with be the one that will actually be handling the case? In many large firms, smaller cases are passed on to junior associates.

Do You Understand the Charges?

Each law firm is free to establish their own charges and policies. Be sure that you fully understand what to expect.

     *     What is the retainer?

     *     If it’s not all used, is the unused portion refundable?

     *     Are legal fees billed at a flat fee or an hourly rate?

     *     What expenses will be billed?

What Questions Does the Attorney Have for You?

A good attorney will ask a lot of questions so that he or she fully understands your legal problem.

Mitchell M. Shapiro P.C. is an experienced family court attorney in Suffolk County, NY. Mr. Shapiro, retired from the NYPD, has a unique knowledge of New York’s legal system and uses this insight for the benefit of his clients. If you need dedicated legal representation for divorce, child custody and support, paternity and other family court matters, contact the firm for an appointment.

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