Hiring an Attorney for Medical Bills in Northampton, MA Due to Personal Injury

by | May 5, 2016 | Lawyers

When people are put in a situation to have to file a personal injury lawsuit, it is usually because they have suffered some sort of injury that is going to drastically affect them. It is also because bills have mounted up that they cannot and should not have to handle. It may due to loss of wages or medical bills or hospital bills that must be paid. However, insurance companies are not in the business of just writing out checks to take care of these bills unless they can be proven to be responsible. Thus, a lawyer must be consulted.

If you have accumulated Medical Bills in Northampton MA due to a personal injury, you should talk to an attorney who can advise you further how to proceed. The first thing to be aware of is that there is the statute of limitations involved for personal injuries in Massachusetts. As the injured party, you have three years to file the case in a Massachusetts civil court. After that, it will be impossible to collect any damages, for medical bills or otherwise.

Massachusetts also is a “comparative fault” Commonwealth, which means that if any portion of your injuries or the accident can be deemed your fault, that amount will be reduced from any damages you may be awarded. It is important to pay attention to this aspect of your case, because medical bills can be astronomically high in a personal injury case. You will want to ensure that you will dealt with fairly about your injury, and that the defendant cannot get away with charging you with something that is not your fault.

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