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Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston is a Smart Move

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with a DUI charge is that the driver is not only seen as the culprit, but any passengers may also face legal actions. This is because the court concludes that the driver or passenger got behind the wheel despite knowing the driver is drunk or intoxicated. When a person has been arrested for driving while intoxicated, hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston is the only course of action that really makes sense. A DUI lawyer can provide important legal assistance not otherwise obtained through a public defender or criminal defense lawyer. He or she will be the person’s advocate and help them have the best chance to avoid a DUI conviction. There are many reasons why hiring a lawyer in Charleston is in a person’s best interest when they have been arrested for drunk driving or driving while on drugs. These reasons are as follows:

A DUI carries serious consequences and penalties

When a person is convicted of a DWI or DUI, he or she may see jail time -; even if it’s their first offense. They will lose their license for a period of time as well and will have to pay a hefty fine. These consequences can have a significant negative impact on a person’s life, like the fact that their insurance company will probably drop him or her and/or may become extremely expensive. The best way to minimize these consequences or completely avoid them is to get legal help from a DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston that will help in understanding the best way to proceed with the defense.

There are administrative and criminal consequences of a DUI

When a person is arrested for DUI, they have to face not only the court system but also the Department of Motor Vehicles. Only a reputable DUI attorney has the knowledge needed to deal with these government officials and can possibly convince them that the client needs their license for limited purposes. Hiring an attorney is not a waste of money like most people think. These professionals have graduated from law school and know the laws in their state. The Wagner Law Firm can help people escape jail time or fines. Call them today.

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