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Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Junction City, KS to Defend Your Innocence

A person is driving down the street when suddenly they get into a traffic accident and suffer an injury to their back and shoulders. While they are taken to the hospital to get treatment for any possible serious bruises and injuries, they are informed that they will be arrested for drug trafficking when they are finished at the hospital. Apparently, the person had some narcotic painkillers in the car that they were not prescribed and thus the charges came up. The person will need to hire a lawyer to help them get out of this confusing situation.

Why You Will Need a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS helps clients who have been accused of committing a crime that they did not commit and helps them get exonerated from what may have been an innocent misunderstanding. People get caught up in various kinds of situations that end up with them being arrested, and when those situations occur, they will need the expertise of legal counsel to stand a chance of going free. The sooner they call an attorney, the better the chances of establishing a better defense for the crime.

Understanding the Threat of Criminal Penalties

The severity of a person’s penalty depends upon the type of crime committed and whether or not the crime was a misdemeanor or a felony. Penalties could range from heavy fines to lengthy incarcerations and rehabilitation, such as for drugs and alcohol. The crime also has the unfortunate consequence of a record that will follow the convicted person for a long time, sometimes for the rest of their life. It is important to select an attorney with a proven track record.

Finding a Lawyer in Kansas

Oleen Law Firm has been providing criminal defense solutions for clients in Junction City, Kansas, Manhattan, Kansas and the surrounding areas for a long time. In addition to criminal law, the law firm also represents clients in estate law and personal injury law. If you are in need of a criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS, this law firm is available.

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