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Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case in San Antonio Is Crucial

No matter how serious the crime is of which you are being accused, it only makes sense that you hire a San Antonio criminal defense attorney to aid you in your case. There are many reasons for this; some are obvious, while others are not.

Saves Time & Money

The process of defending yourself can take a lot of your time, which in turn takes a lot of your money. For instance, hiring an attorney to go through the process of filing the paperwork can save you the trouble of doing it yourself. This means that you can spend more time at your job earning money instead of at the courthouse not earning it.

Unique Defenses

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter criminal trial. In fact, each case is completely unique, which renders a need for a completely unique defense strategy. An experienced attorney will be able to go through all of the facts and put their own spin on each one to present the most solid defense that they can. Trying to go it alone without the benefit of an attorney in a criminal is a recipe for disaster.


Even if there is no chance that you will be found innocent, a San Antonio criminal defense attorney will negotiate a punishment that does not leave you with a shattered life. Many times, you may be able to end up with just a period of probation or a fine instead of prison time. Contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez today.

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