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Hire an Attorney to Help with the Foreclose Process in Longview, TX

Foreclosure attorneys should meet certain standards. To get the highest level of service from an attorney, a client should begin the relationship knowing what to expect. At the least, clients should expect attorneys to:

     *     Keep the lines of communication open.

     *     Offer appropriate legal advice.

     *     Meet court deadlines.

     *     Be honest about fees.

Clients should not settle for substandard representation. In this article, homeowners can learn what to expect if they hire an attorney for the foreclose process in Longview, TX.

Good Communication

A significant part of an attorney’s job is to tell clients what happens during the foreclosure process. The lawyer should know which issues may arise, how to handle them, and when certain things will happen. Specifically, clients should expect lawyers to:

     *     Tell them which options may help save the home.

     *     Describe the important parts of the case.

     *     Explain what should be expected from the mortgage lender.

     *     Inform the client of potential foreclosure defences.

     *     Estimate the cost of the case.

     *     Keep them updated on new developments.

Of all of the above factors, communication is perhaps the most important. Foreclosure attorneys should promptly return phone calls and answer emails.

Competent Advice

It is the lawyer’s job to remain current on legal matters, to provide updated advice. While certain areas of law have not changed much, foreclosure is not one of those. Many areas have recently enacted legislation, implemented mediation programs and made other changes. Clients should expect foreclosure lawyers like William H. Lively, J.R., P.C. to know about these changes, and to know how they may apply to the foreclose process in Longview, TX.

Meeting Deadlines

Foreclosure involves certain deadlines. For instance, in judicial foreclosures, homeowners get a certain period to respond to the complaint. Clients should expect their lawyers to file the right paperwork in time, and to know the rules of the local court.


When a person hires a foreclosure attorney, they will sign a retainer agreement that covers the services to be provided, as well as the payment schedule. The agreement should specify just what the lawyer will do and how much it will cost. With a solid retainer agreement, there will be no surprises when final payment is due.

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