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Hire a Dog Bite Law Attorney After an Animal Attack

Some states abides by the “one bite” rule which means that dog owners are liable for monetary damages caused when the animal bites someone, regardless of prior knowledge of the dog’s aggressive tendencies. It is not necessary for a victim to prove the owner’s negligence to receive damages.

The Statistics on Dog Bites

According to the CDC, over 800,000 people suffer from dog bites each year, and many of these people require assistance from a dog bite law attorney in Lockport. Most dog bites happen in the owner’s home, and most victims are known to the owner. Children compose a large portion of dog attack victims, and pit bulls, rottweilers, and mixed breeds are responsible for most attacks.

Insurance and Animal Attacks

Most homeowners’ insurance companies exclude dog bite claims because they account for about one-quarter of all claims. If a person owns a dog, they should ensure that their homeowner’s policy includes dog bites. If the policy specifically excludes them, the homeowner should find separate coverage.

Mistakes Made by Dog Bite Victims

If a person or a loved one is attacked by a dangerous dog, they should avoid certain mistakes as listed below.

* Failing to get medical attention: When someone is bitten, they should see a doctor right away, especially if blood is drawn or the skin is broken. A doctor’s visit allows the physician to minimize the chance of further complications and it creates a paper trail that may be used by an attorney during a court case.

* Not notifying animal control and the police: If a person is attacked by a dog, they should notify the police and the local animal control office. These steps allow trained investigators to establish the owner’s liability, and they allow victims to easily document the attack.

Don’t Settle the Claim Without an Attorney

According to research, those who hire an attorney settle for a higher amount than those who handle their claims alone. Insurers often pressure victims into accepting lower settlement amounts, which can be disastrous if the victim’s injuries get worse after the case has concluded. Clients should not accept the first settlement offer they receive, and they should click here to consult a dog bite law attorney in Lockport before settling. Visit Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. to know more.

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