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For Drunk Drivers Who Need a DUI Attorney Around New Ulm, Minnesota

Every driver in the United States who has a driver’s license knows that driving on the road while impaired is unsafe and against the law. What may be difficult for many to understand, however, is just how small the amount of alcohol in their system has to be considered as driving drunk or under the influence. A DUI attorney around New Ulm, Minnesota represents clients charged with driving drunk and will teach them how they can find themselves in that situation. Here is a look at DUI laws in Minnesota.

DUI Laws in Minnesota

The laws are strict in Minnesota regarding DUI laws, and a first-time offender can get jail time and lose their driving privileges for 30 days up to a year. This shows how tough the laws are for those who risk driving drunk, so hiring a good defense attorney will be critical to getting the best chance at a break. The legal limit of alcohol in the blood is .08 percent and, sometimes, depending on the person and circumstances, even lower. Drivers need to be aware if an officer stops them on suspicion of driving drunk.

More About DUI Laws in Minnesota

The state requires a repeat offender to use the ignition interlock device, which is placed under the dashboard and connected to the ignition. The driver will blow into a breath sampler and if the limit shows more than .02 percent of alcohol, the automobile will not start. If the driver does not obey the rules regarding the ignition interlock, they will not regain their driving privileges. The best chance drivers have when facing court for drunk driving charges is to get a good attorney.

A DUI Law Firm in Minnesota

When drivers in Minnesota get charged with a DUI, they can find attorneys and law firms by doing some research in the internet if they need legal representation. Blatz Law Office LTD is a law firm in Minnesota that represents clients charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence. Anyone in need of a DUI attorney around New Ulm, Minnesota can contact this law firm. Visit website for more information.

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