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When veterans learn that their disability claims have been denied by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (or VA), the first thing they may want to consider is picking up the phone and contacting a Veterans Affairs Attorney in Vero Beach FL. They also need to keep in mind that the VA traditionally has a very high error rate and it is not uncommon for cases to be overturned.

Appealing these decisions can not only consume a great amount of time and energy but also patience. Disabled veterans should let the experienced lawyers at Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille be their advocates. It is so important for veterans to find lawyers they can trust and who have their best interests at heart. It is a fact that when veterans are represented by attorneys, the odds of having a successful appeal increases. Attorneys can help them with mundane aspects of the process, such as the initial application. Sometimes, errors with that can result in delays. If proper evidence isn’t included at the outset, it can also result in a denial.

An experienced Veterans Affairs Attorney in Vero Beach FL will understand what it takes to apply for, and win, a service-related disability claim. They also understand how to avoid the pitfalls of being denied. These include not providing enough evidence to correlate the disability with the service time. The VA may agree a veteran has a disability, but a lower rating is assigned to it that doesn’t match their symptoms. It is also not uncommon for the VA to concur that there is, indeed, a disability, but that it was a pre-existing condition and not exacerbated in any way by a veteran’s service.

When veterans hire lawyers, they should find a firm that will educate them on recent developments in military disabilities. Many veterans may be unaware that if they served in conflicts that were overseas, it is presumed that their disability may be related to that service. They may also be unaware that, for those who served in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, during the years of 1953 through 1987, any current illnesses could be related to their service during those years.

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