Examples of Situations When People May Need a Reliable Bail Bond Service in Forney, TX

by | May 9, 2019 | Bail Bonds

When a loved one has been arrested and taken to jail, the people who want to help this person be released may need the services of a reliable bail bond service in Forney, TX. Bail is commonly set too high for the regular working-class person to pay, but a bond is usually charges only 10 percent of that amount.

Bail Hearings

If bail is not automatically set by a schedule, the defendant must wait for a bail hearing. There, a judge decides the amount or may choose to release the defendant without bail, which is known as being released on one’s own recognizance.

The person who will be arranging for a bond if the judge does require bail can use the time before the hearing to fill out an application with a reliable bail bond service in Forney, TX. During this meeting the person should ask any questions they have about the process. The specific amount can be filled in later and any installment payment agreement set in place then.

Examples of Common Offenses

Many of the crimes for which people are arrested are not violent ones. The charge might be stealing a purse and using the credit cards inside, for example. It could be shoplifting something particularly valuable, like a designer outfit or jewelry. It could also be a third charge of driving under the influence of alcohol within just a few years.

Bail is generally set much higher for crimes involving violence or even when the possibility of violence exists. Armed robbery is considered a very serious offense, for instance, even if no violence actually occurs. The threat is enough for the individual to be considered dangerous. A defendant can expect bail for that offense to be much higher than a charge of burglarizing a vehicle.

Compassionate Assistance

Agents with an organization such as AAA Bail Bonds are both straightforward and compassionate. They believe defendants should not be held in jail before trial unless they are a distinct flight risk or can be considered a danger to the community. They understand the intense stress that the defendant and their loved ones are going through.

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