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DWI in Lafayette, LA: When to Hire an Attorney

Driving while intoxicated, otherwise known as DWI, is a legal infraction that is taken quite seriously. Many people’s lives have been irrevocably changed, and not for the better, due to accidents involving people who were intoxicated while driving. Due to this, the legal system tends to punish these people quite severely. However, even in situations where a person has been accused of DWI in Lafayette LA, there are still questions as to whether an attorney will be necessary.

The first thing to understand is that there are certain situations where hiring an attorney won’t do a great deal of good. If it’s a non-jury case, it’s the persons first offense and a person is planning to plead guilty, there’s really not much that an attorney can do for this individual. They will likely get the least possible fine and the least punishment for being found guilty of DWI.

There are instances where people have been repeat offenders, blood-alcohol levels were in the high range or when an accident has happened that has injured someone. In these situations, having having an attorney may be the best option. These types of cases can include other charges, and it’s not often in a person’s best interest to represent themselves when they’re having to deal with supplementary charges, trial hearings and the possibility of plea bargaining.

It’s not surprising that people have questions about whether they need an attorney or not, which is why it’s a good idea to at least consult with an attorney, like what a person may find at If someone has a question, they should simply ask. If a person doesn’t need a lawyer, they won’t take the case. However, if the case is a bit more involved, or perhaps something was missed that could significantly effect the outcome of the trail in the defendants favor, they will likely be willing to take the case.

As you can see, DWI in Lafayette LA is nothing to take lightly. First and foremost, it’s an activity that people shouldn’t participate in. However, in the event you have been arrested for this crime, it’s best to know how to handle it. It’s important to know when you can forgo hiring an attorney and when hiring an attorney is the best thing, considering the legal issues you will soon have to deal with.

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