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Don’t Face a Foreclosure Without an Attorney

Dealing with a foreclosure is one of the most stressful events a person can face. Not only is a house the most valuable asset most people will ever own, it is also that person’s home. The loss of a home combined with the financial costs of a foreclosure creates a very difficult situation. However, an experienced foreclosure attorney can help a person through the foreclosure process. The services of Charles Farrell Jr LLC, a foreclosure attorney in Valdosta, can help make the process more bearable.

Protecting Owner Rights

Foreclosure is a complicated process that must be completed according to the letter of the law. When a foreclosing bank takes action outside of the law, an attorney may be able to extend the time that the homeowner has to vacate the home or even negotiate a better deal with the lender. An attorney can help a homeowner to make certain that the lender is following the law.

Legal Compliance

Not only does the foreclosing lender need to make certain that they are doing everything in a legal manner, the home owner also needs to be certain to stay in compliance with the law. If a homeowner does not comply in a timely manner with court requests, he or she may lose some rights and protections offered by the law.

Reducing Debt

In most cases, there will be some debt left over when the foreclosure process is over. For example, if a person owes $150,000 on a mortgage and the bank clears $120,000 on the sale, there is a $30,000 deficit. The bank will then pursue the original owner for the $30,000. An attorney can help the original homeowner by making sure that the debt is accurately and legally calculated. In addition, it is even sometimes possible to get the foreclosing bank to forgive the debt.

For those facing foreclosure, Charles Farrell Jr. LLC is ready to help. Those needing an experienced foreclosure attorney in Valdosta should contact Charles Farrell at 000-000-000.

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