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A Divorce Lawyer Mequon WI has a duty to make the divorce process easier for one or both spouses preparing for a dramatic change in their lives. Divorce is a meticulous process for a reason. The legal philosophy of divorce is to set sight on making adjustments that are best for everyone in the family it directly concerns. Child custody and support, alimony and distribution of assets are the most pressing business affairs of divorce. These family matters are primary reasons for a divorce going to trial. Divorce mediation, however, can save separated couples from the prolonged time, money and stress of trial. Divorce mediation uses professional mediators to assist in resolving contention. Each person has their own lawyer to state their case. The goal is to reach middle ground where both spouses can agree on terms of divorce. If they mutually agree on everything, it’s made official in writing and presented to a judge for approval.

In the event that an agreement can’t be made, a trial divorce lawyer in Mequon WI is ready to fight for everything a client needs. Shared assets are distributed as fairly as possible, but sometimes one is in need of something more than the other. For instance, the parent children live with after divorce may need the house. Both spouses may still share responsibility for the mortgage, but the primary custodial parent needs to keep space for housing the children. Other requests made in trial are for joint custody. If one parent is trying to be awarded with sole custody and there’s no reason for both to equally share parental responsibilities, a lawyer builds a case to grant shared custodial rights.

Alimony is contested in court for many divorces. It’s either a spouse strongly feeling the need to be the recipient of alimony, or the other feeling spousal support is inessential to monetary welfare. Things to consider is if they can support themselves with their own income. It must be known what financial obligations each will hold after separation. If both earn a sustainable salary, alimony may be out of the picture. In the case that financial responsibilities change after divorce when alimony is being allocated, a lawyer can forward a petition for modifications to be made to the agreement. Take a more detailed look at legal affairs associated with divorce at Domain.

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