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America is home of the free and land of the brave, but it’s also home of fair business practices. Employers are required by law to offer reasonable accommodations to their employees. This means offering proper warning for dangerous chemicals, adequate safety gear, and enforcing policies that help prevent workplace injuries. Even though these policies are in place, injuries can occur. Thankfully, employers are required by law to have workplace injury coverage for injuries, which is called workers’ compensation. Details about workers’ compensation limitations can be provided by a construction injury lawyer in New London, CT.

In exchange for waiving the right to take legal action against an employer for damages suffered from a workplace injury, employees are able to make claims on their workers’ compensation policy for medical care and lost wages. This system is almost ideal and offers employees with limited income to get the medical care they need. The only problem is, not all employees are willing to comply with laws regarding employee claims.

When a workplace injury has been suffered and a claim is made, there may be a valid reason for denying the claim. For example, if the employee is intoxicated while operating heavy equipment and they cause an accident that results in injury, the claim can legally be denied. If an employee is working in a dangerous position without using proper safety equipment that is available upon request and they suffer an injury, there may be grounds to deny the claim. If an injury is suffered due to lack of safety policies or safety equipment, the employer or policy provider does not have grounds to deny the claim.

With help from a construction injury lawyer in New London, CT, employees can fight for their right to compensation. If necessary the victim can pursue legal action and seek some form of compensation for their losses. Victims of workplace injuries should visit the website of a local attorney for more details about how to take action against an employer for compensation denial. Scheduling a consultation with a service provider such as Stephen M. Reck could be the best decision a victim could make.

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