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Contact a Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County MO to Avoid Losing Your License

When a person breaks any of the rules of driving, they can receive a ticket. Along with needing to pay a fine, they can receive points on their license. If this happens too often within a year, the person risks losing their driver’s license for a period of time. To avoid this, a person will want to ensure they speak with a Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County MO to find out what all of their options are.

Simply paying the fine for the ticket might be the easiest option. However, the person receives points on their license when they do this. The number of points depends on the type of ticket they received as well as the severity. Just receiving one ticket isn’t likely enough to mean a person will lose their license, so this is often okay for a person to do. If they’ve received more tickets since the first one they paid in full, they might want to speak with an attorney to learn how they can avoid losing their license.

If a person receives 12 points in an 18 month period, their license can be suspended for 30 to 90 days depending on whether this has happened before. However, If a person receives 12 points in a 12 month period, the person’s license can be revoked. The points remain on a person’s license and count toward suspensions and revocations for up to 24 months. If a person receives multiple tickets, they will want to speak with a lawyer to learn what they can do to avoid having this accumulation of points on their license, so they do not lose their ability to drive. This is vital if they need their vehicle to get to work and back.

If you’ve received multiple tickets and you’re worried about having too many points on your license, make sure you speak with a Traffic Attorney in Jefferson County MO as soon as possible. There might be ways for you to avoid having your license suspended or revoked and it’s possible for you to keep your license so you can still drive your vehicle. To learn more today or to get help saving your license from a suspension, contact the Wegmann Law Firm now.

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