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Contact a Child Custody Attorney in Casa Grande, AZ about Your Child Custody Rights

A divorce can be an unsettling and upsetting process. Because of the emotions that are involved, child custody disputes can unfold. When this happens, it is important to contact a legal representative that is well-experienced in handling these types of circumstances.

Contact a Child Custody Lawyer Today

Therefore, if you are having trouble coming to an agreement with your spouse about child custody arrangements, you need to contact a child custody attorney in Casa Grande, AZ without delay. You need an advocate on your side to make sure you do the right thing for your child or children. Do not try to fight this type of battle alone. You need to have back-up support in order to realize a successful outcome in the dissolution of your marriage.

The Laws for Child Custody in Arizona Have Changed

Plus, as it now stands, Arizona has revamped its child custody legislation, which makes it imperative that you contact a child custody attorney. From this point onward, a parent who disputes custody will no longer receive either joint or sole custody. Instead, the court will award parenting time or decision-making to the parents.
What the Law Currently Dictates

Therefore, if you talk to a child custody attorney, he or she will tell you that a judge, in his or her power, can either give one parent the right to make all the decisions on a child’s behalf or give both parents equal authority in this respect.

Don’t Make a Move without Talking to a Lawyer

Plus, courts will now look at both the past and future relationships between the parents and child, which can complicate matters if you do not seek legal advice. In order to find out more about the new law, contact a law firm like Alexander Law Offices today. Don’t take any further steps without talking to a lawyer who specializes in this type of law. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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