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The time following an automobile accident is very stressful for those who have been injured. The victim is usually emotionally and physically traumatized by the event. Caring and compassionate automobile accident attorneys in Granite City, IL understand how a victim feels and will work closely with them to achieve the best settlement possible for their case.

Without the help of an attorney, a victim will have to put up with the insurance company pressuring them to settle their case on a regular basis and well before their medical treatment has been completed. Although the amount of money might be tempting to accept, the insurance company will only offer a victim a small portion of what they are legally entitled to receive. Also, a victim needs to remember there is a statute of limitations that restrict the amount of time they have to pursue a personal injury claim.

Medical Bills

After an accident, the medical bills will start arriving. If the victim does not have the money to pay these bills, the medical providers could turn them over to collection agencies or attempt to put a lien on a personal injury claim. An automobile accident attorney knows how to handle these types of situations.


Automobile accident attorneys in Granite City, IL can fight for compensation to cover medical bills and costs, lost income, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. A victim should never agree to settle a case before they have completed their medical treatment. Once a victim signs an agreement, they cannot receive compensation for any other circumstances that affect their life or health.

Paying the Attorney

The last thing a victim needs to worry about is paying legal fees to an attorney when they are not working because of their injuries. An automobile accident attorney works on a contingency fee basis, which means that they only receive payment for their services if they win the case.

After an accident, you should never accept fault at the scene or with any medical personnel who treat you. Anything you say could be documented and used against you by the insurance company. If you have been injured, please click here to find more information about how an attorney can help you.

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