Auto Accident: Proving Fault

by | May 13, 2020 | Law Firm

Whenever an Auto Accident occurs one of the first things that everyone wants to know is: who caused it? This is because being at fault for an auto accident can be a big deal if there were serious injuries or damages involved. If you were at fault for the accident then you would be financially liable for that accident.

Insurance companies are really big on figuring out who caused Auto Accident in Tampa and who they can point their finger at. This is largely because the last thing they want to happen is for the blame to be placed on the driver that they are insuring. However, insurance companies will accept the blame if there is enough evidence to prove that their driver caused the accident. What are you supposed to do if you do not have a ticket stating that the other driver caused the accident?

There are certain kinds of accident cases that someone such as Bulluck Law Group would love to get their hands on. This is because they are open and shut cases where who caused the accident really is not quested. Some lawyers will refer to these cases as slam-dunk liability cases. Accidents that fall into this category include:

*  Read end accidents
*  Left-hand turn accidents
*  Hitting a parked vehicle
*  Failing to yield or stop

Police reports also tend to come in handy when it comes to proving who was at fault for an accident. This is because the police report is going to include statements from everyone involved in the accident as well as a statement from the office who responded. In most cases, you can take one look at that police report and see exactly who caused that accident.

Your lawyer is also going to examine the traffic laws with respect to the accident that you were in. If someone violated a traffic law and then got into an accident the accident is almost always going to be their fault. After all, you cannot run a red light or make a left turn on a red light and expect anyone to believe the other driver caused the accident.

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