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Arrested? Contact a Bail Bondsman in Clayton County Right Away

The criminal justice system is designed to punish people who commit crimes after they are found guilty. Unfortunately, too many people are held in jail prior to their trial because they can’t afford the bail ordered by the court. According to the United States Constitution, bail is not supposed to be a punishment. It is merely a cash or promissory note to ensure the suspect returns to court to answer to the charges against them. Because a lot of defendants cannot afford to bond out of jail, a Bail Bondsman in Clayton County may be able to help.

With a bail bond, a defendant doesn’t have to have the full bail amount; they merely need to raise the bondsman’s fee and they can get released from jail to prepare their defense. It’s been shown that defendants who live in their own home prior to going to trial have a much better chance of being acquitted or getting a favorable plea bargain than those who must remain in jail because they can’t afford bail. To get out on bond, a defendant or their family must contact a Bail Bondsman in Clayton County to start the process. In most cases, the bondman can have a defendant released within a couple of hours.

Whether the suspect is accused of a misdemeanor or felony, state or federal, adult or juvenile offense, they may be able to be released with a bail bond. It’s vital that anyone out of jail on bond awaiting their day in court works closely with an attorney to plan their defense so they can remain at home with their family and maintain a normal life. Bail gives people an opportunity, but it doesn’t guarantee they won’t be convicted and serve time in prison. Regardless of the expected outcome, defendants must attend all of their scheduled court hearings.

Learning a loved one has been arrested can be confusing and stressful. The best thing to do is Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds right away. The knowledgeable staff can answer questions, explain the legal process, and tell a family what they need to do to get their loved one out of jail quickly.

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